Do These to Save on Your Monthly Energy Bill

Here are some simple tips on how a household can save up on power and energy bills!

Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby

Did you know that devices on standby still consume power in the background? Yes. Rumor has it that even leaving your TVs plugged despite having the power off would still consume power. A typical household can save up to 300 to 800 PHP just by fully turning their idle devices off and plugging it out as soon as they’re no longer needed.

Turn off household appliances if you go on vacation

There is literally no reason to have them on when you’re out of the house. Turn off your fridge, TVs, PCs, indoor lights, nightstands, water etc. That’s a lot of electricity and money saved.

Turn off lights when you are not in the room

This is quite simple, easy to do and remember and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Sleep earlier than usual

Turn off your gadgets and get your rest earlier than you usually do when you’re browsing through your phone. You save up on battery, electricity and you get a good night’s sleep. Win-Win.

Don’t leave the air conditioner on when a window is open

This would make the air conditioner work double time for the space outside your window. You know what that means? Yes, more electricity expenses.

Use the sun instead of the dryer

If the sun is out, there is no need to use your electric dryer. Go outside and hang your clothes to dry.

Use rechargeable batteries

Environmentally friendly and your wallet will thank you!

Maintain your Fridge

Don’t let ice accumulate on your fridge, this uses more power and takes up more space that could be put to better use.



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