How to Host a Party Without Breaking the Bank


Now we all know that as Filipinos, we love to party. Fiestas, Birthdays, Graduations. But more often than not, these causes most households to accumulate debt. Here are ways we can avoid this and still have fun.


Have A Party Fund

If your town fiesta or birthday falls in May then start saving up for that celebration by January. By saving in advance, you wouldn’t have to make a loan or take a big chunk out of your monthly budget for a party.

Have you or the family drop coins on a jar. It may not be much but the amount would still make a difference once the event comes.



Time It Wisely

The time you hold your party makes a huge difference on how much it would cost you. If you want to save expenses on food, hold the party during the evening. You wouldn’t have to stock up on so many dishes (and side dishes) as your guests would have already eaten some time during their day.

Bonus: You have more time to prepare throughout the day as the party doesn’t start till the sun comes down.



Budget Decor is your Best Friend

Ditch the paper plates, they’re not friendly to the environment. Forget the fancy China and porcelains. Opt for minimal and clean, did we mention cheap, plates and bowls. Non printed plates and dishes will give your party a classy atmosphere without spending a fortune on them. Use candles and already present objects in your house as centerpieces.

Bonus: Candles are romantic and classy!



Good Food Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Don’t go for Rotisserie Chicken when a simple roasted one is just as good. The point is, most amazing tasting food are not the fancy ones.  Try serving a couple of appetizers and a 2 to 4 main dishes. Go for skewers, a fun barbecue style party and have some trust soup.



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