Small Changes to Make in Your Home for Better Financial Health


Create a calendar for payment and bills

Organized is the way to go when it comes to bills and finances. You get a better record of your spending habits and necessity costs.

Grow your own food

You don’t need to have your own garden, you can grow your own lettuce and spinach in small cups or pots that you can even use for decorations around the house. If you have the time and space for a garden though, even better!

Sell stuff you no longer want or need

There are a lot of buys and sell apps and websites you can use to get rid of extra gadgets, clothes, furniture and appliances that you feel no longer serve you. Some of these are OLX, Carousel, eBay. You name it.

Use household items as cleaning product substitute

You can use lemon peels to freshen up and deodorize your kitchen. White vinegar and baking soda work better as tile, sink and floor scrub than most cleaning products on the market.

Use the water method

We all laugh and joke about our moms using this method, but it runs out it’s quite economical. Pour half of your dishwashing liquid into another container and fill the other one with water. Now you have double the amount of dishwashing liquid!

Retain your mobile phone box and instruction manual

This way you can return it, trade it in or still be able to sell it as a second-hand device once you no longer need it or you’re in need of a quick buck.


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